Painted Rocks – Find Your Lucky Treasure!

We’ll be hiding painted rocks across the country as we travel.  If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can “Keep It” or “Hide It” for someone else to find!  We want to help spread joy and encouragement throughout the community and encourage everyone to explore the outdoors.

Painted Rocks on Grill
Hot off the grill – Check out our first batch of painted rocks!

Where it all started:

The idea and creation of painted rocks has been around for ages.  Until recently, there has been a surge on FB Rock Painting groups throughout communities that want to paint and hide rocks to spread joy or encouragement to help brighten someone’s day.  If you’re lucky enough to find a painted rock, I’m sure you’ll agree that it made your day just a little bit sweeter!

We had our first exciting encounter with a painted rock when we lived in Vancouver, WA. I remember the day like it was yesterday.  I was with my two girls who were only 3 and 1 years old at the time and we were at a neighborhood park down the road from our house.  We had been playing on the swing set and play structure for about an hour.  Then our oldest Coco began running around the open field and along the tree line when all of a sudden, I heard a loud screech of excitement.  “Momma, look! Momma, look!” she said as she ran over to me with something bright and colorful in her hand.  She looked at me and said, “It’s a treasure.  It’s a treasure” and I said, “Yes, sweetie. It sure looks like treasure to me!”   There it was, this small rock that had been beautiful painted with a flower on it and underneath it said “Smile.”  I could see the excitement in my daughter’s eyes and it only made me feel more excited as well.  We had both always had a passion for finding rocks, but painted rocks, this is a major game changer.  This is where our obsession finding painted rocks began.

We decided we want to help spread some happiness and encouragement throughout communities while we are traveling on the road so we decided to start painting and hiding rocks along the way.  The kids were beyond thrilled to embark on this family fun activity.  We’ll be leaving tips on places we have hidden some rocks on our FB page Rollin’ with the Flo.  We would love for people to share photos of themselves and the rocks they find on our page.  We hope to encourage families to get outdoors and explore and to help bring communities together!  Let’s go outside and find your painted treasure today!

2 thoughts on “Painted Rocks – Find Your Lucky Treasure!

  1. We just found a painted rock outside our office!
    If you guys were to package a painted rock up and mail it to us, we’d provide the postage 🙂 Might inspire the kiddos to travel.

    1. That’s awesome! They are fun to hide and find. The kids love it, and they have been sharing the rocks with friends they’ve met on the road.

      That’s a great idea about mailing some up. We’re working on getting more painted and I’ll let you know.

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